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PA3399U-2BRS Toshiba Primary 6-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery
This Toshiba Primary Battery Pack is a 6-cell, rechargeable, removable, Lithium Ion battery designed to work with select 
Toshiba Satellite and Tecra series portable computers (see full compatibility below). 
Toshiba Laptops Notebooks

If you are on the road or frequently 
in meetings and require non-interrupted computing time, keep one extra battery pack handy and enjoy the true portability of 
your PC.

Capacity: 10.8V x 44Wh
Number of battery cells: 6
Dimension: 8.13" W X 0.7" H x 2.0" D
Weight: 11.4 oz
Battery life: Up to 3.5 hours* (normal mode)
Recharge time (main off/on): 4 hours/12 hours approximately
Compatible with Toshiba Satellite A100-S8111TD with Intel Core Solo or Core Duo Processor only, A100-ST8211, A105-
S4XXX, M40 (except M40-S312TD), M45 (except M45-S165, M45-S169, M45-S165X & M45-S169X), M50, M55 (except M55-S139, M55-
S141, M55-S1001, M55-S1391 & M55-S1412), M100-ST5XXX, M105-S322, M105-S30XX, M110-ST1161, M115-S3XXX; Tecra A3, A4, A5, A6, 
A7 and S2 series portable computers
RoHS compliant
One year limited warranty

*Measured by MobileMark™ - Battery life may vary depending on applications, power management settings and features 
utilized. Recharge time varies depending on usage. Battery may not charge while computer is consuming full power. After a 
period of time, the battery will lose its ability to perform at maximum capacity and will need to be replaced. This is 
normal for all batteries.

Toshiba is dedicated to preserving the environment by sponsoring Call2Recycle™, a program of the Rechargeable Battery 
Recycling Corporation. For more information and for drop-off locations, visit www.rbrc.org or call 800-8-BATTERY.

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A105-S1013 A105-S1014 A105-S171 A105-S1711 A105-S1712 A105-S2001 A105-S2011 A105-S2021 A105-S2031 A105
-S2041 A105-S2051 A105-S2061 A105-S2071 A105-S2081 A105-S2091 A105-S2101 A105-S2111 A105-S2121 A105-S2131 
A105-S2141 A105-S215TD A105-S2181 A105-S2194 A105-S2201 A105-S2204 A105-S2211 A105-S2224 A105-S2231 
A105-S2236 A105-S2712 A105-S2713 A105-S2716 A105-S2717 A105-S2719 A105-S361 A105-S3611 A105-S4001 A105-
S4002 A105-S4004 A105-S4011 A105-S4012 A105-S4014 A105-S4021 A105-S4022 A105-S4024 A105-S4034 A105-S4051 
A105-S4054 A105-S4064 A105-S4074 A105-S4084 A105-S4092 A105-S4094 A105-S4102 A105-S4104 A105-S4114 A105
-S4124 A105-S4132 A105-S4134 A105-S4144 A105-S4154 A105-S4164 A105-S4174 A105-S4184 A105-S4194 A105-S4201 
A105-S4204 A105-S4211 A105-S4214 A105-S4244 A105-S4254 A105-S4274 A105-S4284 A105-S4294 A105-S4324 
A105-S4334 A105-S4342 A105-S4344 A105-S4364 A105-S4374 A105-S4384 A105-S4397 A105-S4547 A105-S45472 M45-
S165 M45-S1651 M45-S169 M45-S1691 M45-S265 M45-S2651 M45-S2652 M45-S2653 M45-S269 M45-S2691 M45-S2692 
M45-S2693 M45-S331 M45-S3311 M45-S351 M45-S3511 M45-S355 M45-S3551 M45-S3552 M45-S3553 M45-S359 M45-
S3591 M500-ST54E1 M500-ST54E2 M500-ST5401 M500-ST5405 M500-ST5408 M500-ST6421 M500-ST6444 M55-S1001 M55-
S135 M55-S1351 M55-S1352 M55-S139 M55-S1391 M55-S141 M55-S1412 M55-S2252 M55-S2253 M55-S325 M55-S3251 
M55-S3262 M55-S329 M55-S3291 M55-S3292 M55-S3293 M55-S3294 M55-S331 M55-S3311 M55-S3314 M55-S3315 M55-
S351 M55-S3511 M55-S3512

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